Shopping in Mumbai’s local bazaars / markets can be one of the most enriching and adventurous experiences of your holiday – especially if you have good eye for deals, can identify the quality of a product, and have immense bargaining skills. Even if you do not, do visit the local markets of Mumbai for an experience quite unlike any other.

Like most Indian cities, Mumbai too has its own list of unique markets, where you can shop to your heart’s content. Browse through this Travel Guide to shopping in Mumbai and get to know the best places to shop and fill your bags!

Linking Road

One of the top places to visit for shopping in Mumbai, the Linking Road at Bandra, West Mumbai offers something for every budget and taste, albeit, mainly for women and kids. The street is lined with well-stocked shops, there are stalls on the road and street vendors roaming the streets with their many wares.

All around you will see vendors busy showing their wares to prospective buyers, shoppers checking wares out and bargaining hard to get a good deal, and hungry shoppers stopping for yummy bites and drinks. Locals and tourists alike head to Linking Road for one of the best experiences of shopping in Mumbai.

You can shop for Indian wear, Western wear, shoes and scarves, handbags and accessories or all kinds. The choice is seemingly endless. All you need to do is make your choice and bargain hard till you score a deal you will be happy with!

Happy Shopping!

Colaba Causeway Market

Linking Road might be the best place to visit in Mumbai for shopping for clothes, but when it comes to accessories, Colaba Causeway Market takes the crown. A street market just like Linking Road, Colaba Causeway Market has stalls and stalls of accessories – right from chunky traditional jewellery in the latest designer styles to trending western look accessories.

You can find lots of tourists here as well as locals, shopping for matching accessories. In addition to jewellery, Colaba Causeway has many options for buying trendy western wear and books. The clothes bought here are not reputed to last long, so unless you have a good eye for quality clothes, stay clear of the clothing shops.

A fair selection of cafés and restaurants serving delicious food and beverages, further enhances the appeal of Colaba Causeway market as a top place to visit for shopping in Mumbai.

Crawford Market

For clothes, there is Linking Road and for accessories, there is Colaba Causeway Market. For everything else, the best place to visit is the Crawford Market.

Housed in a historic colonial-era building, the Crawford Market offers one of the finest in-door shopping experiences in Mumbai. So much so, that many tourists – from other parts of India as well as the world, make it a point to visit Crawford Market at least once during their holiday stay.

You can find just about everything here – early mornings are devoted to fresh fruits and vegetables. Come later, around noon, and you will find the market bustling with energy, as shopkeepers set out their wares in preparation for their customers – wares that range from imported chocolates, glasswares, gifts and caskets of dry fruits to pets of every shape and size.

Bargaining is allowed in most shops and you can easily bargain down to more than half the originally quoted service. Avoid visiting the market on Sundays, as only few shops are open that day, and that too only for the morning.

#Funfacts – The Crawford market was the first building in India to be electrified in the late 19th Century.

Lokhandwala Market

One of the most family-friendly places to visit for shopping in Mumbai, the Lokhandwala Market in Western Mumbai offers a pleasant shopping experience for the whole family. Shops with quality products, entertainment and dining venues are all located close to each other here, making the Lokhandwala Market a fun place to visit with family.

Lokhandwala Cloth Market is especially popular with youngsters looking for branded goods, minus the accompanying cost. There are dozens of shops selling replicas as well as outlets selling export surplus goods. These are in addition to the rows of branded clothing showrooms.

Lokhandwala is one market, where you can get just about everything, making it a wonderful place to visit for fun-filled shopping in Mumbai.

Get matching accessories including jewellery, scarves, bags and shoes for your newest dresses. Buy electronic items, gift items and much more at affordable rates and when hunger pangs strike, head to any of the fast food joints, street food outlets, or restaurants for a fill of your favourite dishes.

Hill Road

Hill Road is the perfect shopping spot for those not accomplished in bargaining. Here, you can shop at peace and get good deals without having to haggle. Quality products are available all along and range from clothing to jewellery and shoes. You can upgrade your entire wardrobe in a single day here.

There are plenty of pani-puri shops, street food outlets, and established restaurants as well, where you can rest and replenish your energy, before setting out to continue enjoying one of the coolest shopping experiences in Mumbai.

Mangaldas Market

Another popular place, especially for textile shopping, is the Mangaldas Market. Located right opposite the Crawford Market, the Mangaldas Market offers great clothes – running material, unstiched pieces for both men and women, sarees and much more at low prices.

The only downside is that most shops have similar products and designs – so choice of options is less.

Disclaimer: The above list surmises only the topmost places to visit for street shopping in Mumbai, that have been around for many years. Malls with their changing shops have not been included in this list.